Pretty in Pink

September 29, 2013

DTIpalepinkwallsclivetompsett_sknahem_sofa-960x646I don’t have a pink room in my house, or much pink at all to be honest and when I work with pink it tends to be more of a fuchsia not the soft tones in these images.  Truthfully, I don’t know why that is.  Pink is such a pretty color, it’s warm, soft and people of all skin tones look good surrounded it.  Of course there is the obvious, it is synonymous with feminine gender.  Guys don’t tend toward pink (a pocket square or dress shirt, sure… but not a master bedroom or living room).  The above image is pink perfection in my book.  The decor has an unstudied look, it’s not prissy or careful in its execution.  That alone allows the pink to just be a color and not a style, if that makes sense.  The mix-matched pillows (purples and orange) take the value of the pink to a “is it coral?” or “verging on violet” tipping point and layers the overall aesthetic with a loose easy vibe.


So, this fireplace shot is what i imagine or what i see in my mind when i think of decorating with pink.  Lots of white trim, white furniture and maybe a dark grey to cut the sweetness.  That fretwork display case is pretty isn’t it?  Anyway… I also like the hotter pink pillow on the sofa to further “punch up” the palette.  Both of the above rooms also tweak the expected formula by introducing (left) Scandinavian elements, traditional and contemporary elements or (right) mid-century, vintage modern and a subtle 70’s vibe all of which are unexpected styles to accompany pink walls.


And then there’s just plain pretty.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up in this room?  It really would feel like waking up on a cloud.  I wouldn’t choose to own this particular look (ok, maybe in a guest room) but if I booked a room for a long weekend and opened the door to my suite and saw this set up, I’d be a happy Glam-camper.

Afraid of pink? Try an accent wall or just the interior of a cabinet or bookcase.  Better yet mix it with stronger colors like Black, grey or chocolate-brown… all good companions.  I think I’ll try it at the beach.  white trim, bedding, maybe even white floors and a soft pale peony-pink wall… like sleeping inside a seashell.  I’m already there.


One Response to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. I’m glad you wrote this post, Bill. I, for one, love pink. It is such a happy color. As a man, it can be challenging to think of ways to work some of it’s magic into your design scheme without feeling a little “girly”. But you off some good points here, especially with that top room. One of these days I just might bite the bullet!

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