(mostly) White Kitchens

August 31, 2013

d653f05c1315457a497acbcf64bec6ccGive me a white kitchen with open shelving any day.  I love the simplicity, the straightforwardness and the cleanliness of the combination.  I’m not really interested in gimmicky back-splashes or tricky knobs and I believe that restraint is the both the most difficult in a kitchen design and the most rewarding.  I don’t want to cook in a room that feels more like a den or library and I certainly don’t want to buy into the stove as trophy aesthetic that is still so prevalent in “current kitchens”.  For me white base cabinets look best with paneled appliances or a white dishwasher and refrigerator, allowing them to meld into the cabinets and walls.  I don’t mind a bit of stainless and wouldn’t want a white range or stove (unless it’s an Aga) but I don’t want a massive range, hood, combo that overpowers the space.  Here are a few great kitchens…

3__Kitchen0 tumblr_mkkzpqG2ew1r6y3u1o1_500 tumblr_mltkhksXLl1qcv7buo1_1280

jeanette whitson kitchen 2tumblr_mnp6vos5XY1qatvvoo1_500

I’ve been sitting on these photos for sometime, I’m sure you won’t mind the “over-share”… there were just too many to edit them down.  Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you spend it with loved ones and/or friends doing something you love.

 tumblr_mnp717zQmS1qatvvoo1_500 Overall Kitchen island 002tumblr_mnp6eacS9k1qatvvoo1_500tumblr_mnp6q2d4MU1qatvvoo1_400 Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.23.53 PM tumblr_mmnxxbQC081rb8i4no1_500 Picture 261


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