Blue & White & GREY! …oh my

August 9, 2013


Grey is still trending and to be honest, I like it.  I am the self proclaimed king of beige but there’s no denying that grey feels young, current and fresh.  BUT,  I’m especially in love with it when combined with blue and white.  Look at how fresh this room looks, not your mothers blue and white scheme right?  the grey seems to urbanize it and make cooler, less fussy… however the room holds a traditional vibe that is timeless.

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Of course, many  accent colors would work with grey but I particularly like maintaining the cool color palette by using blues.  Slate, Aqua, Royal all work.  Many people chose yellow as the accent color to grey – I know I have – and it’s good, very good… But I love the depth of the blues and frankly because it’s less expected, newer.  I usually go on and on about each picture I use in a post, but today I’m going to leave it short and sweet, let the pictures ( all pretty ) do the talking AFTER I just say… LOVE the high gloss white V groove ceiling in the picture below.

 0fb02923ccf92b1ae5fd89e7875482e9 159ef484f379c8c88ab974db3393a48e 6b2796de107314bbfe0a68ad484d7d72


One Response to “Blue & White & GREY! …oh my”

  1. Kinder Thomas Says:

    Some great looks Bill !!! Just discovered your blog…will have to follow now..

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