I’m Working On It

August 2, 2013

photo copy 6 photo copy 5

Yes, sadly it’s been some time since my last post.  Don’t worry it wasn’t a tail spin created from one failed dessert… It was frankly a busy work and social schedule coupled with my discovery and love for Instagram.  Far less informative, it is great for eye candy  – mostly fashion, pretty people, pets, cars and destinations but there are some good designers and architects posting work… myself included).  Whats not on Instagram and what I have found I miss is the dialog that goes with the images, there is no real context.  Just pretty images, sometimes with a #tagline.  Stick with Pinterest, Houzz and good blogs for real information, resourcing and inspiration if your planning a project that involves design.

So here is what Ive been working on… The first two images are a sunroom I designed for a client that has been coming to me and Surroundings for years.  She is dedicated, open to guidance but has a good eye, willing to go the extra step and likes nice things.  Suffice to say it’s a winning combination when you add in a Virgo designer.   This space hasn’t even been accessorized and fluffed yet and it’s already a show stopper if you ask me.  The “greige” and cream color palette is puncuated with dark woods accents and glammed-up by the dash of mercury glass.  favorites of mine are the Palecek cocktail table made of petrified wood and the floor lamps designer and produced by Rich Brilliant Willing.


In recent months I also completed a summer-house for a young couple.  They were a delight to work for, and a designer is always happy when clients see the vision and allow a designer to do his or her job.  We chose nearly everything in 3 or 4 meetings.  I love the way this house turned out, every room is polished, the vibe is fresh without feeling too trendy there is quality built to last in every piece.  When it comes to furniture, you really do get what you pay for.  Most if not all the upholstery is LEE, the cool banded pillows on the sofa in the lower shot are custom with fabric from one of my favorites Kelly Wearstler, i think they add a edge to the room.  The cocktail table made from cut marble is as heavy as it looks and gets most of the attention, as it should.  It is an amazing piece from Global Views and makes the room.

photo copy 2 galeblue photo copy 7

I thought I’d better post a few jobs with color so newer readers wouldn’t think I only do neutrals.  All three of these rooms are for the same client, the first an apartment in Chicago, and the following two are in her home on the coast of Massachusetts.  She is a favorite, I’m not going to lie.  I am lucky to like most of my clients but this gal has guts, likes it bold and loves the details… thats my type of client.  There are way way way too many vendors to mention, fabric designers to credit and paint colors to list, so if you want info on anything  send a note.

photo copy 4As if all that work wasn’t enough… I helped two dear friends pull together a wedding in my back yard earlier this summer.  It was a great time, everything looked great, the food was amazing and every seemed to have a really good time.  Designing the wedding cake and helping with the flowers were the “work” highlights.  Maybe I’ll post more pictures and details of thier wedding and my nieces wedding in the coming weeks, stay tuned!  I hope you feel inspired to tackle a project, get creative, invest in some good quality furniture, hire a designer… do what ever it takes to love where you live.    BB


3 Responses to “I’m Working On It”

  1. richard Says:

    YAY! You’re back!

  2. Veronica Klaus Says:

    Hi Bill! Love the red room and the colors! Divine.

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