May 20, 2013


Hello and thanks for stopping by to see what I’m going on about these days.  For me a white kitchen is always the best, most chic, timeless choice a home owner can make when remodeling, building or up-dating.  It’s just fresh.  And, who doesn’t want a fresh and clean kitchen to prepare food in? to spend time with friends and family in and to use as the nucleus of the home.  I know I do.  I know it so much that I’m not only planning for a summer-house I don’t own yet… I’m even collecting things I plan to use in said summer-house.  What you might ask? How could I possibly be buying things for a house I don’t own?  Well… I’m in love with this white kitchen that has antique wooden boxes as the upper cabinets.  And so when I was faced with choosing things from my father’s workshop that I wanted to keep, I chose many beautiful wooden boxes, some with metal corners or trim work, that will someday grace the walls of my white kitchen in the summer-house I don’t own yet. Crazy maybe… But I’ve got a large basement, some great things to remember my father by and a vision I can execute the minute I buy the little house by the sea of my dreams.

700_lambeth-kitchen-aga-1 tumblr_mghnkyS67k1qk2bkwo1_500

I get that an all white kitchen can run the risk of feeling drab or uninteresting or lacking in warmth, but there is an easy way to make sure you don’t create an “operating room”or the “refrigerator interior look”… it’s simple.  One merely needs to add texture and warm tones via wood floors, butcher block counters, lighting and other “warm” elements.  Life enters a space once its been designed and installed, I tell clients not to rush the embellishment phase because things have a habit of simply collecting, it’s just reality.  the point: you don’t need to add a decorative strip into your back-splash, because once the toaster, coffee maker, plant, spices or what have you come back to, you don’t really want or need the 1/2″ band of mosaic back there.  Better to make an impact with broader strokes.  Big lights, a fancy range, stylized chairs around the island… choices like those take ordinary to extraordinary.

domusnovalansdowneroad6   tumblr_mj65r6jstv1qatvvoo1_500 tumblr_mfsx6wW2eb1re2kh4o1_1280


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