Easter Update & Well Designed Cakes

April 12, 2013

photo copy 12

 Ok so first, I owe you all an apology.  Did I realize the Easter cake recipe was in metric measurements?  NO, did I try to make it anyway? YES.  Did it turn out?  Well, yeah… I gotta say it was unique and a perfect complement to the beautiful lamb dinner and it fit in perfectly with the deserts others brought along.  Would I make it again? Hmmm… Maybe.  I think I’d like it better with and orange marmalade layer and zest of an orange and skip the rose-water.  It was pretty and assembly was fun and pretty easy so for that I got a big return for my investment.  If any of you have tried it, let me know how it worked out and if decide to try it, I say skip the rose-water and add orange zest and marmalade or brush the sponge cake with liquor of some sort and fold berry juice into the whipped cream instead.

photo copy 10

Now you probably know by now that for me it’s all in the construction and execution of cake making that gets me excited.  I am so far from this level, and frankly know myself well enough to know I don’t have the time or the patience to pull one of these cakes off, but just look at these…

mini_birkin_by_sliceofcake-d3802hf Orange_Blossom_by_Sliceofcake sweet_bows_by_sliceofcake-d2z4dd0 a0bdc06100b0e51408a106e5b0f8e827 ysl_muse_by_sliceofcake-d2zztf0 b2e293db2026893d23bab2b0587a8556 The_Jewel_Box_by_Sliceofcake hermes_violet_birkin_cake_by_sliceofcake-d2y2b9nWhat really gets me is the FLAWLESS execution of these edible masterpieces!!!  I mean seriously, look for a flaw… have these images been photo-shopped?  We are taking PER-FEC-TION.  Most of these images were found here sliceofcake.deviantart.com


2 Responses to “Easter Update & Well Designed Cakes”

  1. Beryl Shore Says:

    Hi Mr. Barr,

    I enjoy your blog out here near Seattle. Would you be willing to publish the Easter Cake recipe again, in non-metric and with your suggested ingredient substitutions? I was planning to make it but I’m glad you posted this update before I tried it. It’s so beautiful and the flavors sound great. Thanks! How’s the puppy?

    Beryl Shore


    • bill barr Says:

      The puppy is doing great! fast friends with the other two, and house training as good as can be expected.

      I will re-post my “remeasured version” and make the changes I mentioned, just because you asked. Will try and do it
      over the weekend…

      Thank you for checking out my blog.


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