1/3 of your life is spent in bed

March 27, 2013

ScalaGuestThe amount of time you spend sleeping In your life is around 30-35% precent of your daily life, supposing you sleep the recommended 8 hours every day, which is 33% of your day, approximately.  Of course,in some cases,you may have to wake up early for a field trip or something and sometimes you may want to sleep in, and sure we all have a late night every now and then…it really depends on the person, but generally, the range is from 30-35%, assuming you are an average sleeper.  Obviously if you fall into a coma, it could be much, much longer.  Have I made my point? your bed, the room it occupies is important.  The bed in the top image is from Hickory Chair.  I believe it is called the Lakehouse bed.  Inspired by a classic 1840’s acorn post bed, this design features the elegantly scrolled headboard, shapely turned posts, and gracious proportions that distinguished the antique. Instead of executing the headboard in wood, my hero Thomas O’Brien translates the form in curvaceous upholstery with standard nailhead trim. Available in Queen, King and California King sizes along with endless finish, nail, fabric and leather choices. tumblr_mi9rlvuZxW1qatvvoo1_400Love the dark wood finish in the custom paneled alcove for this glamorous set-up.  It reads very Hollywood to me, old world and “of quality”.  Swing arm lamps are the perfect detail for reading in bed, looks like there might be some hidden storage just inside the  alcove… everyone needs a place for a bottle of water, an iPad or Kindle and maybe a late night snack.803b1bbc37bf It’s a tight squeeze but they got three twin beds into this room.  A great set up for children and teens, I have fond memories of the bunk room at my families cabin in Lake Tahoe, CA.  We slept in sleeping bags so we didn’t have to do laundry on vacation so this room is definitely a step up from my good ol days, but it was fun just the same.  thNo room for three traditional twin beds?  No problem… try this fancy set-up, perfect for a coastal home.  Just be sure you get strong rope and that you hit a stud in the wall when you fastening the supports to the wall.  Love the grey white and yellow color story. 
Four-Poster-Twin-Bed-from-Houzz I love a big bed in a small room, so of course I really love two big beds in a small room.  When you really only have the space for a bed… make a statement.  Black was the perfect choice for this cool blue bedroom.  there is a great energy and a nice play between hard and soft. tumblr_m9eb0g1Naf1qanaj8Minimal is always a chic and comfortable look.  Keep your bedroom uncluttered and simple and you will find unwinding and letting go of the day will come easier to you.  Create an oasis of calm, a cocoon for yourself… a place when you emerge from your refreshed and ready to take on anything. tumblr_mgqjf2W07G1qzleu4o1_250Masculine, moody and rich (sounds like a catch!) it also sounds like this yummy paneled wall.  No headboard needed.  simple table, simple light, simple bedding… showstopper wall.  it’s really all you need.  Well that and a very good mattress.  Don’t cheap out.  Spend as much as you can afford, a very good mattress could be 2000 to 3000 dollars.  Test a lot of beds, ask a lot of questions, you might be the Temperpedic type, you might like a pillow-top and you could be an extra-firm.  960x385_configure-your-base2stay-kensington-hotel-room-with-twin-beds-instead-of-a-king-bed-perfect-for-family-visits-to-london



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