Caramel & Cream

March 12, 2013

tumblr_mhaeyk3hUY1rpvwj6o1_1280I should warn you… I’m dieting, hence the title  I’ll try and keep food references to a minimum.  What I did for today’s blog was just go through some unused pictures on my desktop looking for a common theme.  It’s no surprise that I’m a major fan of whites, off whites and creams all used together.  Well is seems I really like a dash of caramel mixed in with my whites.  tumblr_m8s0ro9DFD1qatvvoo1_500

Even though it is a “neutral” I like to use caramel as well as tan, camel, light brown, and other warm mid-tones as I would a color.  In a white room with tonal upholstery, those rich warm colors can be the accent or the “punctuation” in a space.  But there is more than just a strong color story here.  The furnishings are transitional to modern – in a mid-century meets 70’s bohemian mixed with Scandinavian leanings type thing.  The look is decidedly masculine, yet appropriate for either sex.  I love the simple and clean look of these spaces with the extra dash of exuberance in the layer of found/collected/layered accessories.

tumblr_mh1ixgDdkN1r19bzso1_500Art has a great way of really taking center stage in rooms like this.  If you think you’re going to try for this type of vibe I suggest you pay strong attention to the walls.  If you can’t afford statement pieces, found and collected groupings of interesting small pieces will work, but you can’t put multiple groupings on every available wall, so plan ahead!  I’m a sucker for a four-post bed, but in white in a white room with the warmth of the wood floor and doors, perfection!  The softness of the drapery header, the easy matelasse coverlets and the simple bedding are classic, simple and just perfect.  The hide rug really sums up the prefect color palette white and tan dash of black… the percentages of colors is right on.


You can knock it out of the park with this color palette in the kitchen too.  I’ve helped many clients create kitchen palettes with cabinets in both whites or creams mixed with a yummy pecan, fruitwood or other warm stained mix.  They are the perfect compliment and reinforce the “furniture” feeling in some kitchen design that is still so popular today.  The mix works with traditional, country, as well as shaker, contemporary and modern.  I love the open and random boxes used in this kitchen.  Found object meets function for a look that is easy, not too precious and fun to be in.  I WILL USE THIS IDEA in my beach house.
tumblr_mgud3xzByi1qh86vuo1_250 I’m mixing in this shot because I love the room and because It proves that this “look” can work with any style.  The glam of the gold mirror and sconces and the deeper tones of the wood pieces suit the white and camel upholstery and elevate the textures in the space to becoming the pattern.  A room with no pattern is not as easy to produce as it sounds.  Texture becomes very important… the crown moulding, the basket, the books, that great mirror! even the legs of the stool all become the details your eyes see.image-1.aspxand just because I love the feeling of these images…


They all seem to suit the idea or vibe of the spaces I’ve highlighted today.  


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