Hedingham Castle

February 18, 2013

Hedingham Castle was constructed in 1140AD, both by and for the famous de Vere family. These Earls of Oxford lived here for more than five centuries, and to this day the castle remains under the ownership of their descendants, the Lindsay family. As one of Britain’s oldest buildings, the stunning keep still overlooks almost the entire county of Essex, with its 12-foot thick walls and original Norman architectural flourishes having been admired by numerous royal visitors including Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Close by is the Queen Anne House, constructed in 1720 and overlooking a lake and glorious wooded grounds which are populated by a profusion of birds, flora and fauna.


Hedingham Castle’s famous Norman keep, and its fine Queen Anne house, together with their beautiful grounds, lake and woodland, provide superb locations suitable for a wide variety of filming and photographic shoots.Hedingham_-_Lodge_drawing_room


The historic buildings include the well-preserved 12th century keep consisting of four floors, with a magnificent banquet hall and minstrels’ gallery. Adjacent to the castle is a Queen Anne house (most of these images are of it) with elegant old-fashioned rooms overlooking the lake, and a charming octagonal dovecote built in 1720.


Some of the productions the castle and house have been hired for include the BBC drama “Ivanhoe”, various documentaries such as “Made in Britain” with Fred Dibnah, The Shakespeare Theory with Sir Derek Jacobi and History of Britain with Simon Schama.


Hedingham Castle is on the North Essex / Suffolk border, 60 miles from London.  For location charges and further information please contact them.


The Castle was also used for a feature film starring Willem Dafoe & Gina Mckee with Renaissance Films entitled “The Reckoning”. Magazine and photo shoots include “Vanity Fair” featuring Alexander McQueen… oh, and the grounds are lovely too!Hedingham_Garden_-_View_down_lake


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