I Love Chocolate

February 17, 2013

I love Chocolate.  After all I’m more a beige tan type than I am a grey or white type.  I like my whites warm (Simply White is MY white) and deep cocoa brown and milk chocolate and all the rest go better with a “white chocolate” White.  The thing I like best about chocolate-brown is it looks good in any (every) season.  There is a cooling comfort in a brown room in Summer time.  It’s like sitting in the shade, under an oak tree, sipping lemonade.  When it’s snowing outside – as it is today – it’s like being in a cozy cashmere blanket.  I also chocolate-brown because it gives drama.  It’s a statement making color, and I don’t always like relying on accents and occasional chairs for the punch in a room.  Those pieces are a good place to put bold color or pattern but dark walls allow for quiet upholstery and give a strong look.  A dark wall color will also allow for simple fabrics as window treatments… a good thing if you don’t want to look “over decorated”, think linen sheers, wool panels or easy cotton drapes.  Scanned Image8
tumblr_mg0q7nyOR51qatvvoo1_500 eddieross6a00e55391c48e88330115707036b2970b-400wi


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