A Day In The Life… (of a designer)

February 7, 2013

photo copy 6

photo copy 5
photo copy 7Not going to lie… The PUPPY along with a busy work schedule is taking its toll on me.  I’m runnin every day, working on designs for clients, making deliveries, and managing the paperwork, scheduling and other details that go along with a busy design practice… But today I found the time to have a runner installed on the back stairs at my house, yeah… MY HOUSE.  You’ve heard about the cobblers kids right? …they go around with old or no shoes, well I am no longer the designer with an unfinished staircase.  I have been a fan of this pattern for some time (I’ve used it more than once for clients) and love the way it turned out.      
photo copy 8
Speaking of clients, the sofa for this room finally arrived today.  The clients were in town last week for just a day or two are thrilled how things are turning out.  I can’t wait to hang art add accessories and the finishing details.  Once that happens I’ll be sure to get some professional shots before the clients start enjoying the house.  I have a beautiful pair of embroidered pillows in mind for that sofa!photo copy 10While at the New York Gift Show I spied this new color of the ever popular “Cats Paw” rug from Dash and Albert.  A fan for years of Dash and Albert for Summer homes and coastal cottages, I can not tell you how happy I was to see this affordable and durable wool rug in a palette I am literally in love with.  This rug is my soft, tonal, “greige” dream-come-true… It looks good with warm tan walls, grey walls and countless other colors and that’s why I ordered several for the store today , so excited.photo copy 9And, I helped install these custom-made drapery today.  The green flange at the lead-edge coordinates with a slip-covered chair and ottoman and the neutral colored sofa and love seat have orange and lime patterned pillows, perfect!  Now All I need is the sofa and the love seat, they’re still at the upholsterer (the slip-covers are custom).  I have been assured they will be done before this client returns from traveling for work.

photo copy 12I ‘d be lying if I told you I worked out today… But it has become a regular thing for me.  I’m seeing my trainer two to three times a week, I am committed to having the body I want by summer.  A trip to Mexico at the end of this month is coming a bit too quickly, I’m not where I want to be just yet, but the warmth and sunshine will be a good reminder of why I’m working out and help me stay on track.  I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t splurge from time to time.  Last week in Boston I had a great meal at cinquecento and I did have dessert.  This panna cotta was infused with bay laurel and was served with a cherry coulis, and it was worth every calorie!  If you’re in Boston check out this boisterous and popular eatery.  photo copy 11 In my down-time (7pm to 10pm) I blog, Facebook, Instagram, cook healthy dinners, play with the dogs, wash the dishes, email family, and occasionally try to catch-up on my DVR’d TV shows (Downton Abbey being the only show I try not to miss) and I squeeze in a bit of work from time to time.  I actually love sitting on the sofa, with a dog on my lap, poking around Pinterest, Zinc Door and many other great resources for furniture and accessories with my husband across the room while I enjoy the warmth and the crackle of the fireplace.  


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