January 28, 2013


This copy was “borrowed” from

North Carolina native Geoffrey Johnson has been working as a painter since 1995 after he completed a degree in Fine Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. There’s something very impressive about his work and his images carry a sense of reflection and solemnness.

Most of what he paints is done with an amazing monochromatic palette and I’m instantly drawn to his use of sepia tones (not to mention the striking pale blue). His silhouetted figures are shrouded in an air of mystery and the way he manages to paint large groups within the landscape of the city while still presenting a sense of melancholy only enforces the sense of mystery throughout his work. These paintings are both alluring and haunting and I’ve a great fondness for them. Johnson doesn’t have his own site but more work can seen online here.

I couldn’t agree more, so why re-write?  (Thanks In fact I’m so smitten, I want to place one of these in a clients home.  Making the pitch next week, hope they like it.

tumblr_mf7ntyqWSz1qe31lco7_r3_1280 tumblr_mf7ntyqWSz1qe31lco2_500 tumblr_mf7ntyqWSz1qe31lco1_r2_500more artworks at: Shain Gallery, Hubert GalleryPrinciple Gallery


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