…and BABY MAKES 3!

January 27, 2013


Yesterday was the big day! I woke up on a friends sofa yesterday morning – it was about 5am – to be able to make an early morning flight to Chicago to pick up our baby boy. From Chicago we took a connecting flight to Milwaukee rented a car and drove 45 south to Wadsworth, IL. It was a bright andbeautiful day, and traffic was easy.  He was born on a farm and had 5 brothers and sisters. 227005_10200181334881851_311209140_nWe decided to add a sweet little boy Wire Fox Terrier to the clan and baby makes 3.  Boomer our 13-year-old Wire is going strong and Ny!a the 2-year-old Border Terrier seems to have taken to him already.  Oh and yes, I decided to get a dog on the same weekend  I’m headed to NYC for the Gift Show – so my husband is in charge at home!  Maybe I’m a little crazy but seriously, when is a good time to get a puppy? Anytime!? Never!?  Let the poop patrol begin, the up at night trips outside, the training and the all-of-it I say.  Were ready.  I now understand the families ( I mean “real” kids ) that reach numbers like 4 or 5 or… it’s a bit addictive, like tattoos.  lol, the takeaway: Kids and puppies are like Tattoos – JUST KIDDING.  But puppies are a lot like kids, just saying.
200504_10200256376477844_1839811094_nYour guess is as good as mine which of these tiny beasts is our little guy.  We got this picture a few weeks ago… It could be one, two or four.  This particular type of Wire Fox Terrier is referred to as a Ginger.  He will grow up to be white with red/tan markings.  His father (see last image) is also a ginger – a Wire Fox Terrier lacking the black markings typically found on this breed is called a Ginger.  Cute aren’t they? 538578_10200253455644825_361924691_nHere is proud Mama, watching over her babies from a comfy chair (not) in the breeders kitchen.  Poor thing was probably lifted out of the kennel just to get a quick shot of the little ones.  Did you know Snoopy of the “Peanuts” cartoon was originally drawn from and  a Wire Fox Terrier, not a Beagle?! I swear it.  When we lived in California we used the same veterinarian as Charles Shultz, so we got the 411 from the man himself!

I promise that Mr. Barr won’t become too puppy obsessed, but I also promise to post a shot of the little man when does something extra cute.  This last image is Papa.  Dealer-show-2009-CROP


4 Responses to “…and BABY MAKES 3!”

  1. Ginger Says:

    and his name will be…….

  2. Egor Says:

    And yet did puppies remain on a sale?

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