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January 23, 2013


I wouldn’t say I’m one of the converted… I cheat and I could be doing more/better… BUT I would say I’m more conscientious about how i treat my body and what I put into my body and of course, how much I exercise. I have been on every diet you can name (I’ll spare you the list) my issues with weight started young, I can remember being the heavy kid as far back as 5th grade. Let me tell you I know it’s not much fun to be conscious and aware of your body in a negative at such an early age. With giving you too much information it definitely affects the way you view and approach all things.


My mom and I did the Scarsdale Diet together when I was in high-school. It works I lost weight but I still didn’t look like the guys I wanted to look like. It took 35 years or so to have it really sink in that it’s about lifestyle and exercise. Want to look like an underwear model? Here’s my version of what it will take to get you there. (My trainer is DYING right now, sorry Lara… this is a gay guys “cliff’s notes” version). Of course you should consult a certified trainer, nutritionist and perhaps your doctor before embarking on a major life change, even if it’s all towards a healthier life.



2. Cut out all artificial sweeteners, all diet soda and other artificially flavored and/or sweetened beverages.


4. I heard it said lately… If there’s a commercial for it, don’t eat it. This is for the most part true. Free your body for preservatives, modified foods and other unnatural ingredients. Eat fresh, locally harvested foods if possible.


6. Avoid (most) food products that are white. This is an over-simplified rule because there are good white foods like beans and egg whites…but Sugar, Flour, Rice, Bread, Pasta, Milk (and most dairy) are all “bad”. Most of those things are carbohydrates. Yeah, yeah there are “good”and “bad” carbohydrates but when in question avoid it and your body will thank you by not holding on to excess weight.


8. Exercise. Do what ever you’re comfortable with. Run, jump rope, do push-ups, join a gym and walk on the tread mill, take a yoga class, dance, bike… better yet do all of those things especially if you like to eat. The more you consume the more you’ll want to burn off doing some sort of activity. I hired a trainer, she is a great support system, motivator and having a trainer assures I’m getting my workouts in and doing it safely. (Boutique Fitness “Shout-Out” for all my local readers looking for a great trainer).


10. Remember it’s a lifestyle. This doesn’t have an end date, there is no two week time frame. You don’t just wake up after a cleanse and love your body. It takes time and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. I reinforce that term “lifestyle” because this is forever like getting married or quitting drinking. Decide you deserve more, decide you deserve better, get up off the sofa, make your self an almond milk smoothie with some almonds and half a piece of fruit and start living… Healthfully.

I love you.


One Response to “Health & Fitness”

  1. jodyseivert Says:

    This is awesome, Bill. I am in the last week of a 3 week detox cleanse and am eating plant based food and none of the stuff you listed to avoid, and have never felt better…and have lost 8 lbs. AND I thought I already was eating well! You are a great example of what it LOOKS like to eat right, hydrate, and exercise…and being very cute doesn’t hurt, either.

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