January 22, 2013

Believe it or not… this is my dream kitchen.  Now I realize that I might have said that about another kitchen or several kitchens but in my dream house this is a near perfect kitchen, really.  What I like is the stove, hello.  There is nothing about the vintage charm of an old enamel stove like this one. It sets a mood and adds charm no other piece of machinery can.  Sure there are other stoves that are sexy, Aga stoves among them, but vintage is vintage, old world, time worn, classic.  I love the kitchen supply tables to either side of the stove too.  Stainless countertops all day long thank you!  I might make the center island butcher block or marble but I love the restaurant kitchen feeling this stainless gives, and it’s a good play to the stove.  Frankly, this type of cabinet and counter is fairly inexpensive too.  Thats another reason I like it.  If/when I get that dream house, I don’t want to over design, add too many fancy finishes and over spend… I’ll spend my days worrying about my trophy kitchen instead of whipping up a meal and spending time with visiting friends. dream kitchen

 So for that I’m thinking I’ll have a High/Low kitchen, and stainless tables from kitchen supply are pretty darn low on the price point.  Now because I’m not after a total vintage or Low/Low style kitchen I love the idea of a modern light fixture like the one in this image.  I might not have the ceilings for this exact one, maybe it will be an over the top pot rack or some other lighting wonder, but this is a good place to make a $tatement.  I also love the vibe of the metal framed cabinet door on industrial track, no swing into the room to worry about and I’m planning on my dream houses kitchen being pretty snug so this is good.  The industrial mixed with a bit of modern luxe and the dash of vintage is a recipe for the dream kitchen if you ask me… did you ask? I don’t remember but there it is.  

As to not bore you with the ME, ME, Me of this blog here are a few additional White Kitchens, in every style you can imagine, something for everyone, no doubt.

162200024050943632_Lm95BuHO_c 215539532137672389_QyXCxCdw_c Glamourous-modern-kitchen-white-lacquer-everything tumblr_mg0pyrG6aM1qatvvoo1_500


7 Responses to “(my) WHITE KITCHEN(s)”

  1. Eclectic Medicine Design House Says:

    Goooorgeous. I recently designed a Scandinavian inspired kitchen, much like the final image with country square door profiled, but used a much lighter timber floor, white corian benchtops and arabesque hand cut while tiles for splashbacks, including an entire tiled wall and with recycled timber open shelving…. ah… sorry to go on, but I love kitchens at the moment!

    Great post as usual! 🙂

  2. Eclectic Medicine Design House Says:

    My spelling was horrendous. Maybe my excitement…. I meant *white tiles and door *profiles. x

  3. Donna Says:

    I renovated our kitchen in our little home and like you say, had to remember that although I wanted a lovely kitchen I wanted to keep my focus on a place where I could enjoy entertaining friends and family. I did get a lovely white kitchen though…well, IMHO.

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