January 20, 2013

tumblr_mfm1lqxNW81qdqv28o1_500If you’re somewhere around my age (40 something) anywhere near it in fact you’ll undoubtedly remember the 1980’s when we ALL have dove white walls and white trim (and TRACK lighting).  Remember those days?  God we were so fabulous, weren’t we?  Well the crazy kids of today have discovered the cozy neutral and they are embracing it big time.  Grey, Gray, Grey… it’s all I hear it the design studio, Walls, rugs, fabric… Fabric houses are scrambling to produce prints and wovenswarm-neutral to keep up with this switch from beige/tan/warm-neutral.  I of course will buck the trend, ride it out and end up happily with my tan/beige everything on the other end but until them I will happily oblige those who didn’t live though this period the first time.  Well the first time in my life time anyway.tumblr_mfbsjdeouv1rk7lm8o1_500SIDE BAR: If you’re playing the BILLblog drinking game (see previous post) you should have already taken 6 sips of Wine, Beer, Bourbon or whathaveyou. Your Welcome!


Grey can be heavy or light depending on the shade, soft and light like a cloud or deep and strong, the elephant in the room, literally.  I like it strong… like my coffee.  It can really be warm or cool as well, blue grays look good with a clear white trim, warm grays live well with creamy whites and greige can go either way but you knew that about her.  For a modern space, I like grey with polished chrome, nickel and oil rubbed bronze.  In a traditional environment try gray with antiqued brass, gold and copper.  of course these rules on finishes and styles should be broken… but if your on your own and just out of the gate, keep it simple for now.  Frankly the rules regarding finishes got tossed out with the bathwater but you have to know what you’re doing to avoid a hot mess.


Grey is not a new color, it’s been around as long as time… but it’s new to the generation building, designing and buying today.  I love working with it and discovering how it works with todays other hot colors – back in the day it was only gray, white, black lacquer and maybe a Nagiel or two on the walls.  Now, we can mix grey with acid green or lavender or fuchia, orange or yellow and it feels fresh and new.

tumblr_mgblfxhA5S1qzleu4o1_250tumblr_kyod0rejpQ1qzsy3qo1_250tumblr_m80frvw5WX1qz7lxdo1_250tumblr_mft36j3cIZ1qi6lg1o1_250tumblr_m7khfbdPK21qcv7buo1_250chesa rŠhmi, pontresinaarchitektur: bgs & partner, rapperswil


2 Responses to “Grey”

  1. tim mineau Says:

    Bill, please stop the MR. BARR – that moniker sends your posts directly to my junk..and not the gooood junk! Tim Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 04:30:22 +0000 To:

    • bill barr Says:

      OH NO. Is anyone else having trouble getting their subscriptions since the name change? Tim, is it possible to add the new moniker to your address book? I love the new name and would have to have to change it back.

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