LINEN & the Mr. Barr Drinking Game

January 19, 2013


Linen is one of the oldest woven fabrics in human history. Made of fibers from the flax plant, this material was once considered suitable only for royalty.  This is an expensive fabric to manufacture. Flax is a temperamental plant to grow, and the quality of the finished product depends largely on the quality of the plant itself. The flax fibers are found in the stalk, which is picked by hand to preserve the fibers’ integrity — another reason flax is expensive.  Separating the fibers is also a long and tedious process if performed correctly. Some flax is processed on cotton machines, but this results in a lower-quality finished fiber. Most fabric flax is grown today in Western Europe, and the finer quality linen comes from there, as well.  Linen is a strong and natural fabric suitable for everything from Window treatments, to bedding to upholstery to clothing.


I love linen because it’s the only fabric I feel you can invite to any party.  Linen does black tie, mix it with crystal, gold, Rocco details and silk and it fits right in.  It’s a quality fabric and makes a beautiful velvet and looks like a million embroidered.  Not the style your looking for? No problem, Lien plays well with Cotton (Denim, Duct, Twill, Poplin, you-name-it).  When Cotton is Linens Baby-Daddy the product is an easily cared for, all natural blend that….   Linen will mix with iron and glass, marble and polished chrome and brass and lucite it just depends on how you employ it.Linen makes a great sofa fabric high brow or low brow however I prefer it tightly upholstered.  It behaves better.  If you want slip-covers look for a blend or go cotton so it has complete and total washability, the reason for slip-covers if you ask me.   Linen drapes hang beautifully but don’t expect a crisp starched look.  Very quickly after hanging linen will find it comfort zone and relax into a soft edged vibe that begs you to relax and unwind.  Try linen drapes in a bedroom, beach house or any where you want a soft romantic aesthetic.

210191507578740460_xZxcOEnd_c(SIDE BAR: Drinking Game!  Every time I refer to my self (I, ME, MY) you take a DRINK, everytime I use the word love, you take a DRINK and every time I use the word aesthetic finish your drink… BOTTOMS UP!  Thats it’s.  Please if you decide to play, try to read after 5pm, in the comfort of your own home… and remember DRINK responsibly)


OK, back to Linen and it’s many virtues.  did you know… Good quality linen is soft and largely free of the “slubs” or small knots often associated with it. Slubs are only found in lesser quality fabric.  Linen is moth-resistant and repels dirt. It can absorb and lose water quickly, and it can also help “wick” perspiration away from the skin.  Modern garments made from linen are expensive because of the expensive manufacturing and weaving process. However, the fabric readily accepts dye, so it can be manufactured in many colors. The material is lightweight, which makes it suitable for spring and summer wear. It looks crisp, cool and neat, even on the warmest days. Most linen can also be washed in a home machine.


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  1. Janice Says:

    Lol, the drinking game! 🙂

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