LAYER While You Can

January 18, 2013


Shirts and sweaters and jackets Oh MY!  And, vests, ties, gloves, hats and SCARFS.  Yes Gentlemen the time to layer is now.  Don’t miss out as we lose the cold weather of winter we will lose the opportunity to layer it up with all that fashion has to offer us these days.  At the top of my personal list is the scarf, yes the man scarf is everywhere and the bigger the better.  I have taken to wearing a scarf so big (James Perse cashmere) it doubles as a blanket!  Scarf leery?  No worries, start small and work with a scarf doubled with the ends pulled though the loop.  This is a fast and easy application that suits scarf and tuxedo, scarf and blazer, scarf and denim jacket or even scarf and T-shirt… YES, scarf and T-shirt.  Don’t knock it tip you’ve tried it.  tumblr_mghebjvXJr1qdfusyo1_500

Vests are a game changer too.  Leave the sport coat at home and layer your chambray shirt and knit tie or bow tie with a vest.  You’ll look pulled together and fashionable but you’ll gain the comfort and flexibility of not wearing a suit jacket, blazer or whathaveyou.  This goes for the puffy vest too, only try this one on the weekend with that new scarf you just bought.  although I’d rock a neck tie and puffy vest, anyway… the point is, a dress shirt and a V-neck sweater doesn’t cut it any more.  tumblr_mf31jfqi7z1qg4knho1_500

If you’re just not up for taking the time to work out a look beyond your regular shirt and coat, add a pocket square and that alone will update your look and add a dash style instantly.  If all else fails, you just can’t be bothered, you’re not a fashionista and maybe your happy in that “I don’t give into fashion” place… Do me a favor, Put on a cashmere or merino wool turtle neck with a sport coat or blazer and your darkest pair of denims before you hit the cold street of your hometown. I promise it will add a skip to your step.  And if you’re not looking for a skip in your step, your reading the wrong blog. 
tumblr_mgg7u3fcYI1qzleu4o1_500SONY DSC tumblr_lujutsKYB41qafzl9o1_250 Brookline_NWUS


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