White on White on White

January 17, 2013

218283913159571427_5wEholVO_fWhite on white (on white) to me is like a little slice of heaven – and heaven looks a lot like a slice of cake to me.  I have a young couple I’m working with right now and we were discussing the direction for a pair of guest rooms in their summer-house, colors, etc. I suggested white and surprisingly they agreed.  Now I know that doesn’t sound like a milestone or a “stretch” by any means but when a person asks a decorator what color to paint, trust me they don’t expect to hear white (in this case Simply White by Ben Moore).  They want to hear about the latest and greatest, the trendy color, the color that going to make them look the thinnest or most tanned or the color that will work with EVERYTHING.  Frankly, you can not go wrong with white.  its timeless, classic, traditional, modern, neutral and given the day, hour and whether it’s cool, warm and everything in between.

doc_164_1_jpgI can not wait to fill these guest rooms with old dressers painted white and family beds white or maple or what have you.  Lay down a seagrass rug hang a few do-dads and a big mirror and call it a day.  Easy, chic, beachy – did I mention this project is on the water? – and a room that anyone would feel comfortable in.  You could ask your mother-in-law to use a space like this, let your teenaged niece crash with friend in it or treat your best friend for some landlocked state to escape to the ocean for a long weekend in a room like this:  Neutral is something everyone can love… including those who “live for color”.  Think about it what stands out in a room full of white? The person standing in it ( dripping in color and pattern )!


A bit of shiny never hurts a space this neutral…I think I will spec a few mercury glass bedside lamps for one of the two bedrooms.  And skip the seashell prints and cutesy  light house lamps… If your going to go coastal, use one big statement piece like this shell mirror.  Mixed with a few traditional pieces like a tiger maple bed or a chest on chest the whole thing comes together in a refined, luxe sort of way.seashell-mirror If you paint your space all white, yes… you eventually have to put something in it… I don’t care how pretty the mouldings are!tumblr_mes06rnycD1qd2v7fo1_500TomD_mantel_retouched-ARTICLE_0RH_AntlerSconce-white__93355_std planks White-v-Cream1-791x1024





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