January 15, 2013

tumblr_mgcfqyCzbp1rbllmfo1_500I thought that would get your attention, but that’s not the type of chocolate we are discussing today.  Sorry.  Today I wanted to use my blog to share my hope that our family chooses to paint a small cabin in Lake Tahoe CA we have owned for decades a DARK DARK brown.  I found these images to help them envision our little house several shades darker than its current Pecan colored stain.2128_589276083847_6294_nWhen I was very young the house was pink.  I remember it had a frame work made of pipe over the front porch that my father would tie an awning to.  I loved that awning… it was pink and white(ish) stripes.  I’m pretty sure and it had a scalloped edge and that edge had long white(ish) fringe… 50’s chic!  Well at some point the cabin got re-sided and the exterior wood walls got a coat of stain and that was that.  I think it’s about time to give that little house a lift and a dash of style by going to the dark side.
521603_10100581378739147_1061830002_nIt’s sort of a classic combo in the Lake Tahoe area, a dark brown stain with a buttery trim color.  We wouldn’t be the crazy random stand out house on the block (although we might already be that for other reasons) if we went to this color.  I love the way it looks in the snow.TAHOEThese last few images are all from the Tahoe area… Green trim, white trim, butter trim… it’s a classic.

4320-Old-Mountain-1024x682 Front-Tahoe-Cedarshomewood-ski-resort-area


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