My Style

January 13, 2013

429866_10150493660947371_381753538_n 228198_1041252237320_2581_nBeing an interior designer is a funny thing.  You create environs for others to live in and during that process, you negotiate… you are the curator but the result must be something the client likes, you are striving for good design, taste, scale, aesthetic but ultimately the client will pay for it, own it and live with it.  There are handfuls of designers that execute their own style every time the decorate for a client.  This client is typically wealthy beyond your typical well-off client and emotionally removed from the project in some way ( It’s hard to care about a ski house in Aspen when your on Mustique with family and worried about your New York City apartment not being ready when you get back from vacation).  Those clients exist, they are great clients to have but most people spending tens (ok 100’s ) of thousands on the interiors of a home are invested, have an opinion and want a certain look.  You’re a lucky designer if they tell you they want “your look”.

537030_420269384655083_146440612037963_1928101_2139081493_nI get pretty charged when I fall for something, a sofa, piece of art, a certain print fabric, a rug… I fall hard and I hit an emotional brick wall when client don’t respond to said item the way I have.  I bounce back, I have to and I learn something about the client along the way, his/her likes or dislikes and I move on… But a tiny little piece of my creative soul dies – trust me it is minuscule and there is plenty of creative soul in me, I can afford to lose that weight!  But the project doesn’t stay on the route I saw it taking, even if we end up at the same place in the end, forks in the road are not certain when there is a client who approves ( or disapproves ) colors, furnishings or art &  accessories.  When it comes right down to it, my style is not such an easy target to hit.  I love a white-painted floor and exposed rafters, but it has to be appropriate to the structure and it’s location.  I’m partial to clean masculine lines and modern details, but currently I live in, and celebrate, a turn-of-the-century house so my “look” has become a tad traditional in recent years.  And, of course there is the small detail of budget.  I love what I have but if $ were no object, I’m sure things would look a tad different in my house.



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