January 12, 2013



One more addiction to add to the (growing) list: Facebook, Pinterest, BILLblog and now… INSTAGRAM.  I like the format because it’s creative and visual with very little text and very little Social Media advertising.  Sure there are folks peddling product but its all about the image, and no one is asking you to “like it”  you either do or you don’t.  There are fashionistas posting daily outfits, professional photographers posting beautiful images, there are puppy pictures, food pictures a little eye candy and yes a ton of self portraits (guilty).  These are just a small sampling of the folks I follow.  Some just post pretty pictures, others fitness achievements and others exotic trips or pets doing cute things.  If you’re not the type to play Words With Friends, Instagram is the ap for you.  It lets you play with exposure, focus, light, zoom and cropping plus there are borders and filters to change the mood of your shot.  I personally like posting food, my outfits and self portraits most.  I realize I’m not the first to discover Instagram, in fact I’m behind the ball on this one, but so what… Having a good time, enjoying the voyeurism and inviting you to come along for the ride.

instaselfie instaart instaarchitecture instafashion instacharlie instawindowinstalandscape instahair



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