Is Modern Manly?

January 10, 2013

photoModern architecture has a decidedly masculine edge to it: True or False?

We as a culture have attributed roles and traits to the sexes for centuries.  It is often without judgement or value (and of course the lines are blurred and crossed constantly) but never the less they are generalizations.  Design and  architecture have not escaped this phenomenon – the labeling of their traits to being either masculine or feminine.  Straight lines are regarded as masculine; curves feminine.  Delicate, light, fragile or smooth would most likely describe something feminine while heavy, strong or rough would reference a “masculine”trait or aesthetic.   Now, I’m not too sure how much I buy into all of that but I will admit when I look at the picture above, the style reads masculine to me… Am I crazy?

I personally like the simplicity of modern architecture and interestingly I’m not so sure that’s an easy trait to be labeled.  Simple vs complicated, clean or spare vs cluttered, are any of those adjectives really don’t evoke a masculine or feminine.  I guess both masculine and feminine materials could make-up a house that still reads masculine as a whole.  To me most of these houses have a masculine make up but glass, cable, even wood could all be attributed to feminine qualities don’t you think?
northwest-cabin-log-pile This Neutra (shown below) gem in LA was/is on the market recently.  It reminds me of my house in San Rafael, California we sold nearly 10 years ago… Ours was an Eichler.   I loved the privacy from the street and the openness to the back yard that house afforded.  I would love to see the interiors of this one, wouldn’t you?  12-640435_10_0 RŠdda BarnenThis is a great “finished” space still very “raw” but sleek and design savvy without high-end finishes to disguise flaws in the overall design of things.  I love the warmth the wood (ok plywood) provides the minimal space. Have to admit I would add some big cushy pillows… A boys gotta chill someplace, right?135007956626b7d9b These last two images are a comfy modern or transitional modern. Spare and clean with mid-century tendencies but with a polish and flair decidedly decorator and a bit more traditional.  These looks would be at home in a very modern boxy shell (as pictured above).  Love the rug and chairs in this last shot.  Tell me if you think this entire post is sexist or way off, ok?13500805587b9c303cfa0a


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