Melissa Baum – Monochromatic Love

January 5, 2013

This year is all about celebrating the people behind the great design we see in clothing, marketing, building, architecture, jewelry, furniture, fine art, cars and yes… Interiors.  Monochromatic Love is a blog post from the Wedding Blog by Melissa Baum.  This woman knows chic and should be consulted for any and all things wedding.  I instantly fell in love with her images, attention to detail and  creative ideas, so I’m sharing it with you… pay it forward.  If you have a wedding coming up or a loved one does… please consult her blog for more good ideas than you have the time or money for, seriously… but you will get some great ideas and confirm others, I promise!  Her Words:

To tell you all the truth, ombre highlights is what really inspired this post!  Why not bring the ever popular hair do to the wedding scene?!  Known as monochromatic in wedding world – it means using only one color.  Now one color does not mean one shade. That is really the beauty of this! You choose one color and go nuts within your palette.  Taking tips from my favorite bride Trista from the Bachelorette, who went monochromatic in pink with chairs and flowers ranging from light to dark shades. (Picture from her wedding shown below) This colour shade trend is anything but shady! 

(the ombre text was my idea, that was me… I did that) lol.

The Pinks.

The Blues.

The Yellows.

The Greens.

The Purples.


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