Bill Ingram – Architect

January 3, 2013


Facebook is a crazy and great place.  It’s where friends are made, kept, re-made, and where family, friends stay in touch and sometimes friends of friends of friends turn into friends.  Bill Ingram is someone I have never met, but I’m friends with a member of his staff and now we are acquainted via Facebook.  His work is some of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.  Bill’s work can have a whimsy, but it’s not silly,  It says quality and luxe without being unnecessarily extravagant,  it’s updated and fresh but it has the look that it might have been there forever.  Frankly his work is so top-notch, I’m fearful that I won’t do it justice.  Enjoy these images and click over to his website to see more of his beautiful work.  
579836_10152138414965615_1635416157_n five two551040_10151437592060615_1586732844_n 304743_10151983055905615_645750673_n 538993_10151983056595615_918053669_n 385568_10151983057285615_1595166884_n Enjoy more of Bill’s work here:



2 Responses to “Bill Ingram – Architect”

  1. Bill Ingram Says:

    What a treat to see us featured here Bill! Your friendship is a treasure.

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