December 24, 2012


CHRISTMAS EVE… The day most guys wait til to go out and do the christmas shopping they should have done weeks ago.  Guys, if you’re going out today, you’d better have a plan B and a plan C cause your plan A might not go exactly as planned.  Here is a short list of the things you definitely should NOT get her: A gym membership / personal trainer. A vacuum cleaner.  Sexy underwear ( that would be a gift for you and a bit selfish).    Things that go over big include: Diamonds, Cashmere, Ugg Boots (seem to still be a big christmas list item), Electronics or An experiential gift.

A massage, a facial, a trip, tickets to a show, play, concert anything thing that is experienced (perhaps that you can do together) makes a wonderful gift.   Theres no worrying about whether or not it will fit, picking the right color, and it won’t sit in a drawer or on a shelf collecting dust.  If you’re out of time and shopping today is out of the question… Make up your own “gift certificate” for something a small as a walk together or as big as a walk together in Central Park, NYC after a show and before a late dinner with Champange before you go back to your hotel room.    Good Luck!


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