December 22, 2012

Nantucket, AD, Victoria Hagan, Living Room 1 martha's vineyard, ahearnarchitecture 7 coastal
The Islands of Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard might be going into hibernation right about now but the projects with completion dates for mid to late spring are amping up bit time.  I will be heading to each island several times this winter to review construction and do a walk-through on lighting, floor plans, and paint selections on several projects.  There is a “look” on the islands.  Folks all seem to want their own personal take on interiors but there is a vernacular that seems to guide and inform many homeowners.  Because the building codes and rules about style, color, shingle etc are so rigid, perhaps many are used to following the “rules”…  But, I would describe the force as the “look” people want because it is the island loo.   People are drawn to the islands for the “look” and don’t necessarily need to recreate the mold when they are building their own dream home.


This would be closer to my version of the “look”.. updated an a bit more playful.  The animal patterns are fun and the boldness of the patterns wake-up the otherwise somber room.

jean allsopp dueling two toned sofas in television tv room den tan velvent and white wood slat ceiling fireplace animal hyde skin rug cococozy

This one too!  Fresh and crisp, rustic with a bit of modern form and bold color… the island “look” only fresher.

mvpartyphotoAnd, just incase you’re wondering… yes, there is an island “look” when it comes to dressing.  Vera, Tory, Lilly… Oh My!  yes those three ladies seem to be dressing everyone on the islands.  There are a few Bohemians that prefer long skirts and long necklaces in earth tones, but for the most part, the code is bold, pink, patterned and really, really top drawer!


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