December 19, 2012

darin5I’m not much for faux finishes, but I have been known to use decorative paint in my work.  I’m typically trying to add architectural interest where there is none when I employ decorative paint, or to add color in a room where I don’t want the color to be the focal point and sometimes I’m “adding visually” to a room where I’m limited by budget and by that I mean I’d rather wallpaper a back wall of a bookcase but a shot of vivid color (paint) usually does the trick.


The other night new friends hosted a dinner party at their home and before I could even ring the doorbell I was smitten with the interesting paint treatment on the glass doors to their turn-of -the-century homes vestibule (regret not taking a picture).  Dark blue mullions were “built-up” with a decorative band of robins eggs blue painted directly onto the glass,  adding dimension and visual interest from inside as well as out.  Inside the first floor foyer, the drywall between the coffers on the ceiling was painted a milk chocolate-ish deep taupe-y color that gave the room a rich and masculine feeling… a wonderful detail, well executed, and an inexpensive way to create a beautiful space.


Which finally brings me to these images.  These clever boys have painted the ceilings of their double parlor with bands of gold that highlight the crown detail and again added richness and detail to a room with just paint. Impressed? um, yeah.. I was in love.  I immediately started thinking about where in my home I could use this pretty detail.  Now on the prowl for more paint details and without  asking I took a peek into the office off the front parlor… more banding only this time it ran up the corners of the room across the baseboard and under the ornate crown.  The effect was fresh and modern and added a spin on the traditional architecture, the modern furniture is largely white, glass and chrome the dark taupe bands really popped and helped the furniture fit into the space…I’m still jealous.


Last room, didn’t really have to go but during dinner I checked out the bathroom and discovered a bold bright yellow medicine cabinet and more taupe banding, these guys got it going on.  the bathroom detail reminded me of the other rooms tying it all together and unifying the rooms.  Clearly they have good taste, and they are clever and come to find out handy…they did it all the painting themselves.





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