Design Within Reach

December 18, 2012

242490761156212114_kz57I60j_c I have been crushing on Design Within Reach lately… I love the crisp sharp classic designs they produce and carry.  I am careful to not over do it with their product, a few pieces mixed with traditional upholstery or antiques give a room an interesting mix, an eclectic blend of modern, mid-century modern and early 20th century is the dream mix for me.  The price points vary, they are pretty good for the most part, there are deals and there are some pretty ouchy price points too but for the most part when you compare design and construction it’s really “within reach” and worth the price.  These pieces are classic, many have already stood the test of time and the quality is incomparable to  IKEA (IKEA really is down and dirty, but so not worth the build it yourself or the cheap construction).  The sales team in Boston – Tremont Street – couldn’t be nicer, or more professional and they know their stuff.  Hip, Hip, Hooray! …for Design Within Reach.12173861462215186_qjNyv5sW_c 54254370481760831_zRU3qOb9_c 201113939579970382_XEQRQX50_c 141441244516582274_Yvzdd4ev_c 256916353713068688_gqPV5qdW_c 220043131763985705_jrs5qnRI_c 253046072782395589_6BnyC4Jv_c


One Response to “Design Within Reach”

  1. Bill, I love DWR as well — fantastic pieces. I also love the selection at Room & Board.

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