Masculine Modern – Inspired Room

December 9, 2012

tumblr_mdg5k6T9I01qie8fko1_1280MMMM… I love this image.  I look at it and I can imagine the rest of the house, how it’s furnished and how much I’d like to live in it.  The images that follow are not this structures interiors, but rather my interpretation of the colors, textures and feeling I’d finish this space with.  The warm wood ceilings of the first glass house would warm the exposed concrete shell and the heavy and thick walls make for a perfect juxtaposition with walls of glass.  Forrest or beach this structure wants to settle into its surroundings but split and grow from the earth like an outcropping of rocks.  tumblr_me560lQSGI1rkvxjgo1_500

I would keep things low and clean.  Straight lines and simple forms honor the clean architecture.  Over-scaled art will make an even stronger impact with its surroundings left spare.  No patterns to distract.  Earthy colors.  The lightness of legless side tables and vanities plays well with the heavy walls. 122-660x879 I love a wall of subway tile.. floor to ceiling, wall to wall… Simple but textural.   Frameless glass walls in the bathrooms is an obvious choice, but interior walls of glass with curtains to provide privacy when necessary would be very cool.   I like the occasional Bauhaus piece, I imagine a sunken living room with deep built-in sofas and a giant fireplace.  Leather and linen seem to be a good fit here. 
04 The porthole in the showers glass echos the architecture and a built-in teak shower pan is the perfect foil to create a warm spa-like vibe in a hard, grey and cold environment.  And who doesn’t love a Saarinen table?tumblr_mcfzmiz9YB1qbvgdqo1_500



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