Open Shelves in White Kitchens

December 8, 2012

tumblr_m9e9lyl4Ho1qatvvoo1_500Open shelves and white kitchens, nuf said really…

It’s ALL about open shelves in today’s kitchen.  107593878567131408_w5EbL59A_cModern or traditional… both benefit from easily accessed and visually “light” shelves.

Try a floating box if your look is modern, brackets if your so inclined.

tumblr_madpd3AIXg1qatvvoo1_500What you choose to display or store will set a mood so fill in accordingly.

I like my drinking glasses out so folks can help themselves.27832_lantkok Shelves over the sink mak putting the dishes away easy.

Keeping like items together (glass or all white) maintains a cohesive look.24699497925836862_OKwny7vQ_cNo budget to remodel your kitchen?  Take off a few cabinet doors.

Paint the insides to match the walls for a seemless look or an accent color if you like color.


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