December 7, 2012

1015Um, YES PLEASE!  do you love this sconce as much as I do?

William Haines designed the original “Ice Crystals” Sconces for the May house in 1953, using faceted pieces of acrylic material. This limited edition is offered as an exact opposing pair. Reflecting the sparkling glamour of Hollywood , the sconces are a brilliant accessory to traditional or contemporary interiors.  As modern as they were in the 50’s these would look amazing in a urban loft, organic beach house or a traditional home.  That speaks to the quality of design and the timelessness of these beautiful lights.


Designed for the Haines studio in 1951, the Bel-Air sofa exemplifies the essence of the Haines look – restrained modernism and glamorous scale. The back supports and legs are wrapped in leather and frame the deeply tufted upholstery. Originally made ten feet wide, the sofa is available in custom sizes.  I love that the sofa has both the glam of hollywood in its heyday and the quintessential details of a mid-century piece.  

William Haines Designs, located in Los Angeles, California is carrying on the Haines legacy by faithfully reproducing the original Haines furniture designs with great accuracy and penchant for this style known as Hollywood Glamour. Peter Schifando and J. Jonathan Joseph are extending the Haines aesthetic with painstaking accuracy and fulfilling the current demand for Hollywood Regency design. With an A-List clientele, which includes Nancy Reagan and Betsy Bloomingdale, it is only befitting that these iconic, classic designs from William Haines grace their homes.

The Elbow Chair, the Brentwood Chair, Conference Chair and Pull Up Chair are among the glamorous classics that comprise the William Haines Collection. These are authentically produced by the same California manufacturer for the last fifty years. The current Haines furniture collection are re-issued Haines Originals. They are available through William Haines Designs and select dealers throughout the United States.

William Haines Designs


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  1. Bill, I want that sconce — amazing looking! So perfect for the holidays! 🙂

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