December 6, 2012

I believe in some sort of heaven.  I don’t know what it’s like… how could I? I’m still alive! …and the jury is still out on whether they will let me in when it’s my turn to depart this life, but I sure hope it resembles something close to this: make-your-bed-designDon’t you just want to put on freshly laundered PJ’s and climb into something that feels the way this bed looks?  I do!

I have studied this image and tried to imagine how I would ask my upholsterer to make something that looks like this.  A boxed frame with knife-edge bedskirt-like layers filled with down attached up the sides, like shingles?  I think the illusion of stacked duvets would be lost if there were splits at the corners where side pieces met the foot board pieces.  Maybe it’s more like a coverlet that simply has a multilayered edge that goes over the box spring but not the mattress and then several more make up the top layers?  that would be the easiest and most cost-effective I’m guessing but how would you ever clean it?  OK, OK … I’ve got it:

lay a duvet (or three) on the floor, set the box spring over it/them… add two or three more duvet covers, add a mattress and then add more duvets… Voila!  That’s a lot of duvets, maybe I should google “discounted duvets” or “duvets-for-less” I’m beginning to doubt this will ever happen for me or a client in this lifetime, so I’ll just have to keep wishing that this is what heaven looks like.


One Response to “Heaven”

  1. jodyseivert Says:

    The intention is a ‘stacked’ look, right? I think your original thought was more accurate – to create a skirt with layers of down-filled knife-edge baffles (for lack of a better word, maybe 3-4 of them) and do something similar (but opposite) under the edges of the duvet cover. This is an interesting design/engineering challenge…that may need a pencil and paper and another cup of coffee. 🙂 I LOVE what you’re trying to create, though.

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