Gift It – Centerpieces & Holiday Arrangements

December 6, 2012

544020829956997140_lsSECNV0_bMuch like the idea of an edible treat, a seasonal flourish (centerpiece, candle, wreath, etc) is another good idea for gift giving at the holidays (CHRISTMAS).  It serves a purpose.. you give it, someone receives it, it’s pretty and then it dies, gets eaten, gets burnt or goes to the attic til next year.  If you’re at all crafty, you can do this!  Put a glass container inside another glass container and fill between them with seasonal candy, cranberries, or what-have-you…  Add water and fresh flowers to the interior container, you’re done!   Feeling adventurous? hot glue candy canes to a jar, wrap with bow, fill jar with water add fresh flowers.

79657487130112424_65buTB9m_c 145311525447304627_G0IO5Lh7_cFresh greens around a candle in a vessel (available at Micheal’s Art Supplies, A.C. Moore and other craft stores) is stupid simple and looks great.  I Think the image above shows the greens on the outside of the footed container… But I’d put them inside.  If you’re worried about burning down the dining room table, put the candle inside a smaller glass jar inside the larger vessel.  Holly, pine, cranberries, tiny ornaments, candy, fake snow the list of options for this type of candle display are endless. NOTE: please use the secondary glass container if you’re using the fake snow, last year I found out the hard way that the fake snow basically becomes a giant sterno if ignited.

Bundle candles with a ribbon or what-have-you and add a decorative flourish ( holly, berries, etc) or if you really have your holiday “game face” go all out and make a floral centerpiece. These oranges tucked into a basic pine arrangement will smell amazing and last three times longer than fresh flowers.  Start with a water tight planter or plastic lined box – if you don’t have one, gift wrap a small box and use a ziplock bag –  add floral foam (yep, time to drive back to Michael’s), add pine and add an orange or several, depending on the size of your planter/box.  A single orange would be pretty, don’t feel like you have to create a massive arrangement to make it look substantial.  277112183291173773_j0XwH2tV_c
174373816792505408_vj9CfK1y_c 244320348505438225_EmZtNDbY_c


One Response to “Gift It – Centerpieces & Holiday Arrangements”

  1. Great ideas you’ve got yourself here, will have to try a few!

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