Gift It

December 5, 2012

giftSeriously… Spend one weekend day between now and the 25th making cookies, brownies, candy, any little yummy bits of goodness that will entice everyone on your list break their diets, package it up in a cute little box, bag or jar and pass them out liberally so that you’re not faced with leftovers on the 26th.  You don’t need to give a dozen cookies to each recipient, 4 or 6 is plenty.  This small sampling will make them feel more special, just a precious little moment of sugary goodness… and then they are gone.  Nothing to put away for next year.  The recipient doesn’t have to find a place of honor for the chochkie  you have bestowed upon them and you’ve thoughtfully wished them a Merry Christmas for far less than you’d spend on a _____ that they really don’t need.  15689828-assortment-of-christmas-cookies-on-the-wooden-board


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