Get On The BEIGE Train!

December 5, 2012

Kensett-Norwood-living-room image.aspx Kensett-Norwood-House-family-room

Tan, Taupe, Beige, Camel, Khaki, Sand, Grey WHATEVER…

There is no better (easier) way to create a calm zen like room than by sticking with neutrals.  A room nearly void of colorful patterns and bold colors allows the eye to see texture, form and shade.  This look is far from boring if you employ interesting shapes, strong accents and rich textures.  Dark pieces are a great way to give the eye something to find. A basket, a side table a table lamp… just a few small additions to a creamy tonal beige room add punctuation.   I promise, it’s a sophisticated look.

I get the look isn’t for everyone, but if you’re drawn to the idea… try it.  You can always layer in color if you just can’t handle the abyss of beige.


Lamp by: Visual Comfort

Table by: oomph



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