Gift It

December 4, 2012

Christmas-Lights-Felt-OrnamentsDarn it, were only on day 4 and I missed a gift suggestion!  Ok, so you’ve already thought of this one I’m sure BUT an ornament is always a nice gift.  I like to find one or two I really like each season and stock up on them, pre wrap them and keep them near the tree, that way if I’m rushing off to a holiday party or meet a friend for some holiday cheer, I can just grab and go… Knowing they are all the same, makes it easy.  Pre-wrapping makes it even easier!  I have found many good looking ornaments that actually support a non-profit or that “give back” in some way, that makes the gift twice as sweet.

You can’t walk into a holiday party and hand the host a $20… Plan ahead and make sure you have something to bring thats more interesting than a bottle of wine.


2 Responses to “Gift It”

  1. designchic Says:

    It’s just the perfect holiday hostess gift – love the image!

  2. Claudia Says:

    Did you make those? Cute!

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