December 4, 2012


Last time I was in the City of Angels visiting close friends I had to good fortune to get into this little beauty.  Completely refurbished, the interior maintained a Hollywood glamour but the open space was decidedly modern and fresh.  Now mind you, I’d rather buy an “original condition” home and I’d preserve as much if not all the authentic details, rooms (and floor plan within reason) but walking into this made it easy to see why someone might just blow the whole thing out and make a tiny bungalow go BIG!

20121001-2-1115-010Not every decision made was a decision I would have made, another reason I’d rather do it myself, but the all of it was beyond livable, it was beautiful.  The bacykard off the open kitchen felt more like a courtyard, walled and private a small pool was guarded on one side by olive trees and across the back of the property a media room, a bar accessible from the pool area, and a small apartment above.20121001-2-0588-010Here is a picture of the upstairs apartment, funny now that I look at the picture they had it staged without a bed… I guess a studio looks bigger when you don’t put a bed in it.  I loved the decor of this private space and the long narrow windows that opened in to make the room feel part of the beautiful outdoors – Southern California weather is lovely – and let the fresh air in.  20121001-2-0041-010s


One Response to “FOR SALE in LA”

  1. richard Says:

    it sold. 2.25M.

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