Industry Praise

December 3, 2012

291784_4940767482764_1248882857_nI waited until now to post todays blog, knowing this was coming out:

As you all know I am lucky and feel extremely fortunate to have made a career from something I love.  I’m not sure however if I’ll be able to convey how profound it is to have that industry then confirm and praise your contribution to it.  I’m full of pride, I appreciate the aknolegement and accept the love.  Everytime you click back to see what I’m up to you send the same message.  Thank you.

Jody Seivert is an independent training and development consultant she has created and delivered sales management programs for manufacturers such as La-Z-Boy and Thomasville Furniture and their retailers nation wide.  To have been asked by her for an  interview is/was extremely flattering and I wanted to share it with all of you.  So if you don’t mind I’ll just post a few images of some of my favorite projects, and we’ll call it a wrap for the day.  xo

537030_420269384655083_146440612037963_1928101_2139081493_nIMG_5994IMG_5995IMG_0825IMG_4503IMG_3664photoooooIMG_0405IMG_5086IMG_0817_2IMG_4623IMG_3212IMG_4617IMG_1411web1IMG_0814_2IMG_0888These images represent some of my favorite jobs. Most – if not all – were taken by me, with my iPhone  and were not professionally taken or lit for that matter.  I chose them for many reasons, some were favorite clients, some are favorite rooms, so frankly were a stretch for me but it was good work and the client was happy… All were a pleasure to create.  I appreciate my clients, I appreciate Jody Seivert and her wonderful support of me and I appreciate you for reading BILLblog and for coming back day after day (after day).




One Response to “Industry Praise”

  1. Janice Says:

    What a beautiful portfolio…bravo!

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