Summer Wedding

December 1, 2012


Weddings and the details that go along with them are things I typically avoid.  Not that I don’t love imagining “pulling it all together” for a bride and creating a magical event for the occasion, that sounds great.  But I know that weddings can be a very stressful time and “hyper emotional” and if I can avoid drama… well I’m sure you see my point.   It seems there will be a wedding in the family next summer and admittedly I have allowed myself to imagine how I would style a summer wedding.  Just to be clear the bride has not asked for input, and I do not presume to know what she’d like… this is just me sayin I like this look for a summer wedding.


While I love a fancy party and an excuse to get dressed up, I find that a sightly more casual affair sets a more relaxed mood and allows guests to really enjoy the event, it’s less stiff and in the heat of summer “formal” just doesn’t feel right.  I like the idea of a  sophisticated  picnic, seersucker and gingham, lemonade and linen… you know the drill.  If the event is a late afternoon affair that’s good with me, twilight is such a pretty time of day and the idea of the ceremony in the light and the dinner at dusk and the “party” stretching well into the darkness all sound perfect to me.  
p17nmI love the simplicity of these hanging white lights and mixed with a casual hang out for young or old away from the main party is a great idea, a stolen kiss, a quick smoke – please think about quitting if you’re a smoker – a private chat or simply a break from the all of it, little oasis like these have become very popular at weddings, not everyone will want to dance all night.165999936235554093_Ug5oI3cM_c

Yellow in your flowers? Yes please!  I love the mix of color in this arrangement and the pop of yellow threading through the decor.  It’s not a color many brides choose and I like it for that reason but it also suits a summer wedding and holds up visually to strength of a bright summer sun.  Mixed with pinks, apricots and oranges the cheekiness of the yellow is mellowed to something festive without reading juvenile.  The men dressed in soft greys, khaki or navy will look dapper and current with yellow boutonneres.
p12wI have seen just about every idea there ever was for marking tables, names of boats, places the couple hold near to their hearts, and all the rest (I’ll spare you the list) and I still like a simple number best and this is a darn cute way of marking the tables.  I don’t care for tall flat signs that ruin the vibe of the tablescape, this idea supports the summer picnic theme.

wedding-flower-decoration-ideas-4If you’re planning on walking across the lawn to the altar, please do this!  Any other type of runner looks like it was put there just to keep the brides dress clean (don’t do it, get married inside if you don’t want to dirty your hem… but it will get dirty anyway).  Scatter petals to coordinate with the brides bouquet up the aisle and if your on a budget ball jars tied to the chairs can hold flowers and then be transferred to the tables for dinner – I love a ball jar!
11-20-flowers-1FOR THE GUYS…

It’s summer after all, let them drink beer  (if they want to).  Have a separate bar for the keg and dress it up with a few of these.  Cute right?  or if you’re going all out use this idea for the bachelor party.



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