Design… It’s more than a sofa and a few chairs

November 27, 2012

Here the secret…  Here’s the reason that people hire a designer/decorator: Interior Design is more than getting a sofa and a few chairs to be the right size for the room, to coordinate with other furnishings, to be delivered on time and on budget and to suit the clients lifestyle… that’s what’s tangible, you can put all of that on a spread sheet.  Trust me thats hard enough, but what you can’t see and what most clients seem to lack is understanding the vibe.  Every choice creates mood, ambiance if you prefer that term.  You can’t just pick drapery hardware, you must decide what material; metal or wood or ? then you pick color; Dark or light or ? and then you have to decide size, finial, and even shiny or matte or ?  That level of detail is what a designer is faced with EVERY time someone asks “what do you think?” and the truth is some clients don’t really wait for the full answer. “Brown wood” is not really an answer, it’s a starting point.  Is the space modern? Do we want the drapery rod smooth, shiny and slim to set the right mood or vibe… YES.

It’s important that the casters on the table leg match the metal light fixtures mounted on the wall, that’s “good decorating”. Mixing metals and doing it with style and panache is “great decorating”.  Mixing it all up and having the room give off the right tone or mood, is simply put, why people pay to have someone else tell them what to buy.  Now I’m not trying to imply that decorating is easy.  Take more than one opinion, a budget and a ticking clock and that’s a recipe for not only stress, but for a very bumpy ride darlings.  A good (great) designer has to understand the emotions involved in design work, handle clients and the budget appropriately and listen a lot.  A great designer also has to know how and when to put his or her foot down and make a point when the project is going off the path to greatness.  It’s going out on a limb, I don’t like to do it, but forced to I will.  It’s not a sales pitch… there are a thousand million sofas in the world, find another.  It’s about the look, the vibe the mood of the room, my job is to see that in the end, the details speak to glamor, or to modernity or to rustic beach chic or what ever the end result has been targeted for.  that’s what designers do, that’s what I do.  Thats my job, I love my job.


3 Responses to “Design… It’s more than a sofa and a few chairs”

  1. jodyseivert Says:

    Great, great, great. Thanks, Bill.

  2. designchic Says:

    Oh, you are so right. There are so many decisions and so many choices – sometimes it’s nice to have someone else say “this is the best pick”! Beautiful image…

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