White Kitchens (and maybe a tiny bit of color)

November 25, 2012

Ok so maybe there is a tiny bit of color one or two of these kitchens, but the idea is to keep it neutral.  I promise it won’t age to something dated or a trendy look no longer on trend.  Classic & Simple add up to elegant.  And yes a beat down, patina stained, worn out kitchen can still be elegant… so don’t let the word fool you or scare you out of staying on message.  WHITE, WHITE, WHITE (and sometimes a blip of a color, a small amount of wood, or a must have item – like orange counter stools).

Glavanized light fixtures and chairs/counter stools seem to be popular.  I’m guessing it fits the trend of industrial chic – yes still very popular – and the indestructible nature of its material.  bottom line, it looks good and it lasts.

A little bit of wood adds up to a lot of warmth if you’re afraid of the antiseptic kitchen try a little wood.  For me even the wood of the floor and the wood island are too much wood, I would have gone for painted island with wood top… but that’s just me, just sayin.

YUM.  Pistachio white is what I’m  gong to call this color – so it can be included – because I’m SO IN LOVE with the clean cabinets, slab backsplash and the thin shelf AND the cool Tolomeo task light AND fine ART in a kitchen… all genius!  nuf said.

Comfortably traditional, but clean and bright… Daryl Carter can do no wrong in my book even if this white kitchen is safe.  The exposed beams, dark floor and wonderful light fixtures all suggest this kitchen is in a home of quality… one with a masculine edge, filled with warmth, tradition and strength.

All I’m gonna say about this one is… IN MY DREAMS!  They had me at indoor/outdoor.  This California born and raised boy loves the idea of living outside, cooking outside and eating outside.  who cares if it rains on your butter.

Just the classiest kitchen I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s designed but not over designed.  The statement lights – Thomas O’Brien for Visual Comfort – are perfect and the warm color and texture of the backsplash is the perfect amount of “other than white” to make this room livable, comfortable and interesting.


I’m a big fan of open shelves and I’m sure we will all look back and say “remember when open shelves were all the rage?” Yes, this trend could have a shelf life (pun intended) but they have been around for a century or more so we might have to wait quite a while before someone complains that the trend is over.  


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