THANKSGIVING (afterthefact)

November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I hope you had a great day yesterday and the feeling of thanksgiving lasts all year-long for you.  We had a houseful this year, everyone bringing what they have become “famous” for.  It’s nice to rely on the traditions of the season including who’s making what.  I have to say I get off pretty easy.  I do the decorations, front door, centerpiece, etc and I enjoy making the deserts for any major occasion.  Two years ago we used a red table-cloth on Thanksgiving ( because we didn’t have the right size in any other color ).  We figured with the yellows and oranges from the goodie-bags and flowers added to the palette we could make a Christmas table-cloth look autumnal… well, lets just say it got us through, but we haven’t gone back to it.

last year, a dark green table-cloth (still borderline “Christmas”) was a tad easier to work a Thanksgiving table around.  In love with the bittersweet vine and berry easily found this time of year just about anywhere in these parts… was happy to empty the veggie drawer into an Ironstone bowl and add flowers for a pretty day of centerpiece.

This year with new ivory table cloths and napkins to match (thank goodness for William-Sonoma) I went for a crafty Etsy-esque tablescape and jarred mini pine trees, forest finds and tiny animals of the forest.  I scattered leaves at the last-minute sop they would be curled or dry and added as many votive candles as I could squeeze into the table with displacing a dinner guest.

Here is a look at one of the two tables we had in the dining room.  The tables needed height and I didn’t want to rely on tapers (so expected and a bit dated?) so I added bundles of small twigs in votive cups held with moss.  Over all I was pleased but missed the luxuriousness of fresh flowers… the dried hydrangea was pretty, but next year I’ll go back to fresh.

A quick shot of my Pumpkin cheesecake with pecan crust and praline topping… yeah it was good… here’s the recipe:  I’m a planner an knew i wanted to make this weeks in advance of the holiday… my husband is a planner too, although he was busy planning a signature cocktail while I was baking.  We served something called an Autumn Bonfire, it involved bourbon and something called Applejack.  People seemed to like it.





One Response to “THANKSGIVING (afterthefact)”

  1. bill barr Says:

    Who cares about Thanksgiving on November 25th? lol… bookmark it for next year.


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