Goodbye Green

November 19, 2012

Gone is someone else’s choice, we have claimed this house as ours (after 8 years) and changed the color the previous owners had picked 32 years ago.  That is a long time for a house to be a certain color and there was some trepidation regarding the color change, we would no longer be the green house in the middle of the block.   We are now the white house with grey shutters, or the house with the blue door or until next spring anyway the house with no front yard.

And with winter on our heels it is also time to say goodbye to the lush greens of the warmer months, and hello to the browns and greys of winter… I”m feeling like I didn’t get enough face time with my boxwood and dogwood.  yes, we were lucky enough to find a good house painter that we could afford and we got the entire house painted but I was kept from many yard projects this spring/summer due to scaffolding and tarps.  We didn’t lose any plants because of the painters which was good but  we were not out there enough to nurture and encourage plants to achieve their full potential… nor was there time to plant the front yard at all.

We have pulled in the agapanthus and soft plants that can’t survive the winters in the North East and we will spend today raking up the final leaves (we hope) of fall.  I don’t miss the green on the house, but I’ll miss the green of the yard very soon.  It’s a good thing that I like to watch the snow collect on the boxwood knot garden from the family room window, there will be months (and months) of that waiting for the tulips and daffodils to poke through some time in May or early June.

Until then I’ll have to read up on and plan for spring projects without a painter ruining my plans… and finalize the plan for the front yard.


10 Responses to “Goodbye Green”

  1. jodyseivert Says:

    Beautiful, Bill.

  2. Ann Says:

    BIll, house looks wonderful. Your yard conjures up great memories of good times with people I love. Thanks for sharing the beauty! Ann

  3. Claudia Says:

    A very poetic post. Love it.

  4. Caroline Says:

    Pretty spectacular photos. You guys do good work!

  5. designchic Says:

    I love the white – simply perfect and the back yard…stunning!!

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