Keep It Simple

November 16, 2012

More and more the masses are embracing the style of mixed vintages, mixed styles, mixed patterns.  Anthropology meets Tony Duquette meets thrift store meets your mothers good stuff, that’s the look in most of the nesting magazines.  I love the look and it really allows for abandon and free thinking (free thinking  = unplanned shopping) and a  “by what you love” mentality.  Streamlined and deeply edited is a harder look to pull off, there are not patterns to distract from awkward lines, colors really need to harmonize vs balance in strength and texture is king.

I feel the same way about kitchens.  Add a splashy back-splash and cabinets with bells and whistles, multi-colored drapes and ceramic chickens (ok no ceramic chickens, but cow heads are ok) and who’s looking at the color values, interesting textures, well executed design? No one.   Now mind you this is not a white kitchen post, some folks like color I can work with that.  Grey is a popular cabinet choice right now. Not yet mainstream, pickled, weathered and grey stains as well as opaque grey paints in every shade are being offered by more and more cabinet companies and custom wood workers and seeing an increase in cabinets finishes that are not white or a traditional stain.

Trust me as a decorator I know it is hard to stay on message and follow though on a single design concept, there a lot of beautiful things available in today’s home furnishing market.  I like a house to have flow, repetition in materials every now and then.  A strong color palette that varies from room to room but allows for modification in use and presentation and perhaps additional colors.  Let the people and the art shine and let the furniture take a back seat.



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