White Is Right

November 14, 2012

Sometimes I know what I want to write about, sometimes I have a picture, a room I love and the words just come to me… and, sometimes I’ll pull a few photos from the littered desktop on my laptop and see what stands out.  In truth, this was going to be a White Kitchen (and technically still could be)  but I wanted to post these images too:

So I guess it’s a White on White post.  Everything white is so fresh and clean and cool in the summer months, but it is oddly comfortable in the colder months too.  Autumn and Winter are highlighted by the neutral and simple look, branches of Fall colored leaves on a dining room table or a snowy view blurring indoors and out.  It doesn’t have to be all white mind you, a black floor or a neutral sofa or coverlet adds depth especially if your room is lacking architectural interest, texture or other focal points.  Not that I’m suggesting your coverlet become a focal point! …I simply mean with multiple whites and neutrals the over all palette gives the eye something to discover, layers.

 But then, of course… white on white on white is so pretty.  I’m dying to paint floors white, in my house or someone else’s the problem is my floors are so nice (original quarter-sawn oak circa 1097) and clients are afraid of the maintenance (who can blame them?).  I’m sure the effort is worth it… maybe I’ll go paint the attic floors.  


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