Bow Ties! ( In a stocking – Under the tree? )

November 10, 2012

They are everywhere and this holiday season they will set a festive mood with jeans and a V-neck sweater or black-tie or anything in between.  I like wearing mine with a blue blazer and dark jeans and my yellow soled Marc Mcnairy boots.  Bight colors are the best way to beat the winter greys, and fun patterns give a playful look.  I feel great when I’ve got a tie on and a bow tie is sort sporty and lighthearted.  Here’s a shot of me getting ready for an on-line magazine launch party I went to last night for MoPa
Got a guy in your life you might want to buy a gift for?  Check out the gift guide in the MoPa on-line magazine I help put together the mens list or get him a bow tie.  I’m telling you they will be just as popular this spring and summer and next so he will get plenty of use out a playful pattern and/or color.   And if you’re completely convinced your guy (or you for that matter) won’t like the look… a pocket square always fits, it’s easy on the pocketbook – or at least in can be depending where you shop – and every guy looks better and more pulled together with a pocket square.  EVEN, if you have to start him with a classic plain white linen.  My favorite store for pocket squares is Sault New England in Boston.  If you live anywhere on the eastern seaboard, it’s worth the drive for great mens fashions, gifts, and a curated melange of interesting things.


4 Responses to “Bow Ties! ( In a stocking – Under the tree? )”

  1. designchic Says:

    I absolutely love bow ties – my “go to” gift. Can hardly wait until my 1 year old grandson is old enough to don his first one!!

  2. bill barr Says:

    thanks for checking out BILLblog. If you don’t mind me asking how did you hear about or discover my blog?

  3. richard Says:

    love this and the Mopa editorial!

  4. bill barr Says:

    Thx RC the MoPa stuff was really fun to do… did you see the Q&A too?

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