November 7, 2012

I shop a lot.  That doesn’t mean I’m always spending money, trust me I don’t spend as much as I would like to but I do enjoy staying in touch with trends, feeling fashionable and knowing what is “in”.  I love Mr. Porter, J. Crew, Charlie – by Matt Zink, Eye-bobs, Sault New England, Alden Shoes and after feeling out of touch for many seasons Coach is back to looking young, fresh and definitely shopable!  

I think for a time as the brand grew, they relied on the logo and name to carry the sales and accessibility supported big dollars allowing for the luxury brand to become more of a household name thus expansion into more cities and towns (and eventually malls).  Coach is still a brand that would be considered higher end brand but people still seem to be treating themselves to some nicer things in an economy that doesn’t allow for luxuries. And Coach feels like a good price point without being gougey and quality made leather goods can last a lifetime so an investment too, perhaps.  Whats critical for me is it looks like they (the buyers, designers and merchandisers) at Coach are paying more attention to design, trends and fashion than how many logos they can squeeze on to a wallet.

For Women I’m liking:

And for the men:

p.s. This is not a paid endorsement, nor do I have the permission to use these images from and I know Shopable and gougey arn’t really words.


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