Autumn On County Street

November 5, 2012

Halloween has come and gone, leaves litter the yard and the air is crisp (and I avoided posting a Halloween costume picture, epic to say the least). Autumn is in full swing on the East Coast.  Friends are getting their electricity back in Manhattan , Thanksgiving menus are being planned and I am loving the layering happening on my own personal fashion front.  Sweaters and scarves are all out of hiding and I’m rocking cords and tweeds and bow ties, oh my!  There is so much to love about fall/autumn on the East Coast.  I almost don’t even miss Summer (I miss it terribly).

Fall to me means dinner parties with fires in all the fireplaces, hearty dinners and boozy old fashions pair with turtleneck sweaters and boots.  Evenings at home with close friends and the dogs at your feet feel cozy and help you forget winter is on its way.  In recent weeks I have become one of the converted if you couldn’t tell from the images in today’s post.  Yes, I am now an Instagram devotee.  Crack hoe is closer to the truth but I never showed you as picture of my Halloween costume so why would I want you to know that Instagram is my new crack?  it is… Crack.  Just like crack.  find me on there and you’ll find Halloween pictures. If you’re not already on Instagram, consider yourself warned, it’s Crack.  Did I mention Instagram is just like crack?So where was I? ah, yes… turtlenecks and cords, or pocket squares and tweed jackets, it’s all the same it’s Fall Drag.  And I buy into it every season.  Boots and bags costume me, the look of the season, what dessert to serve at Thanksgiving and then the dreaded Christmas shopping list – and wish list : ) This time of year I like to cut my hair short – I love my barber Joey and wear snug knit hats made of cashmere, and change my sunnies from gold metal frames to tortoise-shell frames and carry a dark brow leather manbag, ignoring my caramel colored bag all winter long.

The Dogs sense that the days are getting shorter and the evenings are coming more quickly.  The dog content to sleep at the foot of the bed is now on the bed and the dog content with sleeping on the bed in now IN the bed.  It’s colder now and slippers are the norm, after dinner attire is cashmere sweatpants and a sweatshirt or sweater, I haven’t put shorts on in weeks (except for gymshorts, and those have an elastic waist so I can’t tell if I’m maintaining my summer waistline), not to worry, don’t have to bring the Summer clothes out til February or March when I’ll escape to some far off land that is having Summer while New England is struggling into the first early weeks of spring, still cold and leafless.  That wake-up call will be enough to get me back on track and hopefully there won’t be too much to lose before Summer.

The yard is almost dormant, crazy plants like the jasmine seems to be the only plant pushing to do more, usually, finally blooming it seems as the first flakes of snow begin their decent on New England.  We are at that critical point when one must decide it’s late enough to rake (hopefully most trees have finished dropping their leaves) but early enough that a layer of snow doesn’t make the job more difficult, and perhaps avoidable?  Never a good idea, bulbs will have a hard time getting past large undecomposed leaves, preserved in snow and ice for months when they begin to grow.  Go out and rake!
I guess I see this post as my Haiku to fall.  What arrives, what leaves (leafs, did you see that? I avoided that pun).  What Fall is that Summer isn’t, what Autumn is what Spring isn’t…  Take what you enjoy from each season, try to be mindful and thankful everyday, not just the days someone else is serving you pumpkin pie and doing the dishes after you’ve gone home.  Try to stay on track, indulge occasionally but don’t forget ow much you love Summer (and how you feel in a swimsuit when you’re in shape).  Love your pets, don’t sweat the small stuff, take one day at a time exercise and have dessert every now and then.

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