GREEN (Growth, Renewal, Earth-color, Energy, Natural)

November 2, 2012

It’s all over the place, bottle green might just be the new it color.  Trending that’s for sure, I’m seeing this beautiful hue in fashion and furnishings and it seems to be gaining strength.  Now that Sandy – the hurricane – has past ( and I hope all are well and getting back to normal.  My heart goes out to those who have lost… a loved one, a pet, a home… ) we can all try to get back to “normal” or at least allow ourselves the distraction of design, fashion, trend and pretty things.

The luxury brand Akris is no stranger to identifying trends or creating them, their newest collection includes multiple pieces in the most delicious green you may have ever seen (or worn).  The handbags are an architectural dream of trapezoids, and elegant geometry and the dresses and other clothing sublime.

This is one of the newest table lamps from Jamie Young.  I love the fresh green of this lamp – so much in fact I just spec’d it for a clients TV room.  This lamp makes me want to open multiple pack of M&M’s and eat all the green ones.  For those of you who fear color, a colorful lamp is a nice entre into the world of color.

 There is always an option for the bold bunch too.  Take these malachite print drapery panels, this is a commitment to color!  But it so works… Love it with a bit of brass for that 70’s vibe without being to literal, it pays nicely with the dark stain of the floors and has good contrast with white walls and furniture.

And, this takes the term living green to a whole new level.  I could live with a green room but it’s hard to look pretty in a green room, you might want to add pink bulbs to your light fixtures to counter the effects the green paint will have on your skin-tone (not entirely kidding, but not sure it will work either).

Ladies and gentlemen,  I give you… Bottle Green! go git yo sef some.


2 Responses to “GREEN (Growth, Renewal, Earth-color, Energy, Natural)”

  1. designchic Says:

    What gorgeous color…love greens and the draperies and the bar cart are stunning!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

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